We are a very friendly group of people who come together weekly to worship on Saturday evenings and Sundays.  Our members span all age groups from yet to be born to over 90 years old. Some live close by but others come from a distance. In fact, we are now "sharing" our building with Trinity Church of Ambler, and are thrilled to welcome Fr. Emmanuel Williamson and his parishioners into our space while their church building goes through major renovations.  Many cultures and races are represented. We know we all have gifts to offer even those identified by our world as having special needs. Several of our members are life long Episcopalians, yet a growing number are joining us from other denominations, faiths, or from among those who have not been raised in a religious tradition. . All are indeed welcome and valued in our church community! We believe all people are "Children of God"!

Interesting facts: Our parish was established in 1952. Both parish buildings are of colonial style architecture using native fieldstone in construction.

Good to know: There is air conditioning and ample parking. There are two special pews, one in the back and one half-way to the front which have been widened and carpeted to make a space that is inviting to families with small children or that work well for those with the need for additional space. 

parish history

The Church of St. Jude and the Nativity began as two parishes operating blocks apart from each other in the 1840's in what was then the rapidly developing northern reaches of Philadelphia. In 1908 the Church of St. Jude merged with the Church of the Nativity. Then, in 1949 the decision was made to sell the center city church buildings at Eleventh and Mt. Vernon Streets and buy the land on Germantown Pike in the rapidly developing Lafayette Hill. The new congregation began meeting in the firehouse while the church and rectory were under construction. In September of 1952, the new church was finished. As the farmland around it was developed, increasing the population of the area,the growing congregation found it necessary to expand the church in 1956.

Rev. Richard Ogden Partington served for the first 30 years until his retirement. Rev. Dr. John Nunamaker Tinklepaugh served until his retirement in 2006, and Rev. Kathleen Marie Walter served until she transferred to a parish in Clearwater, Florida in November 2014. Rev. Jude Meckling joined us in 2015 and has since retired. Rev. Christina Nord came to St. Jude's in August 2018 to serve as our temporary Sunday Missioner.  Christina's service ended in November 2020.  As of December 2020, Fr. Emmanuel Williamson of Trinity Ambler Church, will be serving as St. Jude's Pastor and Sunday Missioner.  (He will continue as Trinity Ambler's pastor and looks forward to combining our churches for worship services being held here at St. Jude's.)  

Over the half century that St. Jude & the Nativity has been serving the community, it has seen many changes in the Episcopal Church, the parish and neighborhood and has made adjustments to those changes and looks forward to the future.

The church and rectory are located on Germantown Pike with easy access to the PA turnpike, Route 476 and center city Philadelphia. Both parish buildings are of colonial style architecture using native fieldstone in its construction. There is air conditioning, handicap access, and ample parking.

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