Monday Evenings at 7:30

Does someone in your family have a drug, alcohol, or behavioral problem? Can you see what this is doing to you as a parent, sibling, or relative?

Don't struggle through it alone. Families Anonymous offers free help and support through a twelve step program. For more information, email falafayettehill@gmail.com or call or text Mike at 845-258-7208 (cell).

NA Narcotics Anonymous

Tuesday Evenings "Always Welcome" Group Meeting @ 6:30 pm

Friday Evenings Group Meeting @ 8:00 pm

Narcotics Anonymous uses a traditional 12-step model that has been expanded and developed for people with varied substance abuse issues. There is only one requirement for membership, the desire to stop using.

FA and NA are non-religious entities and are not affiliated with St. Jude's or the Episcopal Diocese. Both groups are anonymous, non professional, and non religious. There are no dues or fees. They are not connected with any hospital, agency, treatment facility, religious institution or political entity.